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 Body Massages & Foot Massage for Palo Alto / Mountain View, CA

Let our CAMTC-certified therapists tailor a body massage or foot massage just for you and your muscles. Our menu is carefully selected with the best styles and techniques for health, relaxation, and restoration.

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body massage Palo Alto, CA

Customer Favorites

Swedish Massage
Light strokes with oil to warm up the muscles, followed by stronger pressure to remove tightness in the muscle and connective tissue. Great for relaxation! 

$60/Hour    $90/90mins 

Deep-Tissue Massage
Focused on relieving tension in the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue - great for knots, recovery from minor injuries, and athletes! 

$70/Hour   $100/90mins

Foot Massage
A session devoted completely to your feet, focusing on pressure points, which improve energy flow throughout your body. 


Other Classic Options

Aromatherapy Massage
Swedish massage combined with your choice of essential oils, selected for specific benefits such as calming, energizing, uplifting, decongesting, etc.

$70/Hour      $100/90mins$$$$$10000$

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, heated stones are placed strategically over your muscles, allowing the heat to deeply penetrate and release tension. Our therapists will massage with their hands and the stones for a deeply relaxing experience. 

$70/Hour   $100/90mins

Pain Relief Massage
Cycles of isolated pressure and release, combined with deep breathing, are used in specific areas to remove pain at the source. 

Couples Massage
Enjoy some quiet time to reconnect with your special partner - one therapist for each of you, together in our quiet and private couples massage space. 

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