Best Stretches for After Your Workout

Most people always forget to stretch after their daily workout routines. You might say that some don’t understand the importance of stretching. For others, it might be a case of negligence and lack of interest. Stretching helps heal muscles after strenuous workout routines, thereby improving flexibility. Below are some of the best stretches one should indulge post workout:

  1. Hip Flexors Stretch

With this stretch, you begin by assuming a kneeling position on a foam or yoga mat. Then, release your right leg to take a large step forward, keeping the body in a lunge position. Ensure that the knee is not positioned forward than your toe to ensure that the leg stretch is the right one.
Try pushing your hips forward ensuring that your torso is upright. Ensure that you feel a stretch on the front side of the back leg. Maintain that position for about thirty seconds. Afterward, repeat the procedure with the left leg forward.

  1. Hamstring and Calves Stretch

While seated on a mat, ensure that your legs are extended out in front of you. Place your left leg in such a position that the foot rests against the right thigh. After assuming this position, reach out for your right foot using your right hand. In doing this, make sure that you bend from the hip. On reaching your right toe, make sure that you pull it gently towards you. Hold this position for about thirty seconds. Repeat this procedure on your left side.

  1. Abs Stretch

This stretch routine is conducted by first lying flat on a mat. Then, you bring the arms in, placing the hands flat on the surface on either side of the chest. By extending the arms slowly, try and lift your chest off the ground ensuring that the shoulders are kept down at the same time. Hold this position for about thirty seconds before trying again.

Chest stretch is also an important routine after a workout. These stretch routines help prevent muscle soreness, which is common after a workout. Further, muscles tend to become shorter and tighter after workouts which may not be good for the body.

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